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13 November 2009

Helping Hands (Part 02)

This is a continuation to my previous post......
As promised to Vanajakshi we decided to go back to see her after 1 month , aslo we remembered the words of the Sister that we cannot be allowed inside the charitable trust to meet/see only one person, we do like that kind of terms & agreed happily.
So atlast one fine day we decided to go & meet few other new friends over there who are looking forward for some one who can spend some time with them. So we friends arranged few eatables like bread packets & other stuff as per our budget at that time and went to that charitable trust & just before entering into the main gate all of we are very much excited to meet our old elderly friend Vanajakshi there.
We eagerly entered into the premisis and approached the head sister who helped us alot by joining the needy Vanajakshi on their trust. She happily welcomed us and had a good talk with us for some time and later we offered her what we got with us to donote to the trust for that day and requested her to give us a permission to see Vanajakshi as we have promised Vanajakshi that we will come back to see you again. Then the sister took us to the dormitory where all the needy people pass their free time.
After a while we found charming Vanajakshi was coming towards us now she is lots more healthier than before and recognized us so soon and started crying again by explaining to the sister that how we helped her in needy time, we then took her aside sat with her & had a good conversation with her. Meanwhile I started mingling with other people who are passing their days in that trust and getting to know about their life style and tried my best to give them the moral support from myside.

Below are the few pics I took from my mobile during our secound visit to Mother Therisa Charitable Trust.

Myself,Ashu,Vanajakshi & Trivedi

Ashu Combing Vanu's hair

Myself mingling with other needy & sick people over there.

Me with mentally retarded child, she is so sweet & have a great smile

Also spent some gud tym with few other Old citizens who r left by their heartless grownup children :-x

Finally had a affectionate snap with my darling vanu... she is really so happy that day after seeing us.

That is a very special day for me which happend to be my first step towards social service by helping others who are no where related to me, I felt like I did something good in life today which gave a lots of happiness & pleasure to my soul that day. Now I relized the true meaning of helping hands & what difference it makes in our common lives, one must make a time to help others/needy who are no where related to us atleast once in our life time.
Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. -Albert Einstein


pmohana krishna - krishcdbry said...

Awesome bro!! Hatsoff @ Be happy and cool forever..!


A J A Y said...

Thanks bro for your nice comment :)