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12 November 2008

School Life

Slowly I started going to school. This was the first turn in my life by introducing myself to this outer world. From Nursery to 1st class I passed my time in Hyderabad itself by grasping a little drop of knowledge in the ocean. After that we moved to the most lovely place of this world to me ie; a small Rookie forest named Mattapalli. I don’t know why? Whenever I pronounces & hears of this name my soul feels like dancing with joy :D

Mattapalli is one of the boarders and coastal village of Krishna River from Nalgonda district, AP. This is the place where I passed my critical childhood schooling days over 7 long years. As this is the totally remote area from the outer world, as we use to found only the basic things of our daily routine needs to sustain our lives. No entertainment except school events and Festivals, No Cinema theatres & Not even a TV channels except one monthly movie to all the colony people by VCR connected through cable connection. Below is the pic taken when I was recalling those chilhood memories of mine by sitting on the river side of that forest area, when I was visited back to that place again after a long gap of 8 years. It was a wonderful feeling to me at that time cant just forget it. :)

Pic taken when I was recalling those chilhood memories on da same place after a long 8Yrs Gap :)

So all those 7yrs of my schooling life I spent most of my time for studies (as we don’t even have a proper education facility at that time) ,sports, Climbing Trees and Mountains in the forest area as I was most passionate about those monkey feets.
As it’s like a small jungle like village we use to find at least one SNAKE in any of our Classrooms or snakes sleeping inside Study Desks or On the roadway to the school etc etc... especially in the winter & rainy seasons. Got shocked !!!!! :O
Ha ha ha yeah its true sometimes these sick snakes & Scorpions enters into our bedrooms also without taking any permission :P we also use to hit all the BATS daily with our school shoes to get them away from our class rooms of the school & feels great like a Heroes by proudly saying everyone that “today I made 20 bats to fall down” lol . J I know It sounds weird but we got used to it and of course that is the only fun we had in the school life which are most unforgettable things by daily checking the classrooms & desks for the new comers to our classrooms (snakes or Big Scorpions) before entering. :P

But whatever it may be I enjoyed my life over there to the core like Mougli in the Jungle Book lol. :D This jungle really thought me so many lessons in my life. Till 8th standard I lived my life there. After that we moved back to the Hyderabad again as my parents are always worried about my future in that under developed forest like village also as they don’t have any plans of joining me in an hostel far away from them. Miss you my dear sweet Jungle :(

At last we came back to Hyderabad again. Now it’s a new beginning to me, now the lifestyle in this fully developed & capital city of our state is not just my cup of a tea when compared to earlier once. And it’s not even imagined by me at any time, In fact it’s a very tough time for me to come up with, at last I joined in a new school as a 9th standard student.

First day in my New School :

This was the first day of my new school in a new place(Hyderabad) and the school name is Nagarjuna High school at S.R. Nagar, the school is a very high standard English medium school , as my earlier one is an ordinary liberal English medium school for name sake. I was so nervous when I was entering into the main gate of the school then one teacher came to me and asked about me. I told her that I am the new admission to this school, then she called one aaya (Lady servant) and told her to show me the classroom of mine. Now the funny part starts get ready to laugh out louder :P

That aaya took me to the 3rd floor of the school building and she showed her hand pointing to some classroom and she left down. Now a big confusion started in my mind ??? Guess what it is ? huh I didn’t concentrated while that aaya pointing the classroom L . So a big trouble started for me to which classroom should I enter ? as there are so many classrooms on that floor, Also I afraid of asking anyone at that time that “where is my classroom?” as all of them r a big strangers to me.... . Well after thinking for a while I played an “Inky pinky ponky” game of all the available classrooms and made a final decision to enter into some classroom where not even a single student present at that time and I entered in successfully and settled in the first bench thinking that this will be the class which aaya shown me.

Now the story begins , after sometime two girls entered into the class by seeing me in a sarcastic way. I thought of saying ‘Hi’ but stopped as I always afraid of speaking with girls from childhood. Then after few minutes 5 more girls entered into the class now bit of inconvenience started inside me, now I am eagerly waiting for a boy to enter into my classroom.

After sometime whole class is filling up with all girls, then I questioned myself angrily that what happened to all these boys, are all of them dead & go to hell or what ? :x Now I can hear all the girls are whispering back to me & some girls are giggling at my back, knowing that the blood pressure of mine is raised to sky I don’t know what to do ? Feels like crying L .

Then I saw that same teacher who instructed me to go to my classroom with that aaya , then I felt like an Angel came to me after seeing her in such a typical situation :) , actually she is searching for me here and there. At last she found me sitting like a statue in the first bench , then she came to me and said “who told you to sit in this classroom ?” . This classroom is only for GIRLS :(

After listening that there is no words with me to speak out. L It’s the most embarrassing moment of my life L , then I slowly picked up my school back and go back to that teacher begging her with my eyes to show my classroom then she guided me to move to the adjacent classroom which is just aside to the girls section :p. At last it ended up happily by leaving one unforgettable funny experience lol. :P :D

ha ha if I think abt it now It makes me feel that how silly I was at that time. but wats suppose to happen is happened anyway. :)

Then after slowly I got adjusted to this school after one long year and successfully finished my SSC by finding few lovely friends out there who stick to me forever. The considerable part is that the majority of those frnds I still get in touch with them are none other than the crazy GIRLZ hehehe lol... as I hav a very short list of boys who r close 2 me in my schooling time as I always used to move closely with these gals and I named this batch as Thotti Gang . I really love this Thotti Gang very much who always calls me for my presence in their gatherings what ever occation it may be ? Also I have been close to their families and especially whenever we meet in their homes we always have a blast by speaking abt all crap & silly things , flirting each other, fighting bla bla bla :P

So, here Iam taking the oppurtunity to mention the Names of my chweet Thotti Gang :

1. Asha (I Call Ashu)
2. Kumudasri ( I call Kumuda)
3. Trivedi (I call Banda just 4 fun)
4. Swetha (I call Svetu)
5. Sri Priya ( I call Priya & Puppy sometimes)
6. Bindu (I call Bindu)
7. Arash (Hes is 1more guy in this thotti gang same lyk me)

Childhood Life

Its me Just 23yrs Back very Innocent but not calm ;)

CHILDHOOD! whenever I think about my childhood I feel that those are the best days of my life and also a little bit of tears roles into my eyes as those lovely days never come back again. :(

Of course everyone love their childhood days if they go back by memorizing about each & every moment of their childish things. In my sense these memories are the most enjoyable ones whenever we start thinking about it, also it makes you laugh sometimes when those silly & funny activities you did flashes in between of your thoughts. :P

Well let’s move back to ages of the 20th century in the year 1985 March 9th. Mom said this is the day I have born in a small HUT in the early hours around 5am. This is the day I came to this earth in a small village called Sungavruksham located near West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

I am the only naughty son to my sweet & lovely parents. May be I have born alone without any siblings but my parents never make me feel lonely at anytime by showing their tremendous love to me. When I dig my memories back I can reach back up to 4yrs old of my age (ie; till when I was just 4yrs old). Ha-ha this is the age of doing all mischief’s, troubling my parents for each and every small silly things oh gosh!!! How did they bare my irritating activities? I really wonder about them and loves them alot :)