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12 November 2008

Childhood Life

Its me Just 23yrs Back very Innocent but not calm ;)

CHILDHOOD! whenever I think about my childhood I feel that those are the best days of my life and also a little bit of tears roles into my eyes as those lovely days never come back again. :(

Of course everyone love their childhood days if they go back by memorizing about each & every moment of their childish things. In my sense these memories are the most enjoyable ones whenever we start thinking about it, also it makes you laugh sometimes when those silly & funny activities you did flashes in between of your thoughts. :P

Well let’s move back to ages of the 20th century in the year 1985 March 9th. Mom said this is the day I have born in a small HUT in the early hours around 5am. This is the day I came to this earth in a small village called Sungavruksham located near West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

I am the only naughty son to my sweet & lovely parents. May be I have born alone without any siblings but my parents never make me feel lonely at anytime by showing their tremendous love to me. When I dig my memories back I can reach back up to 4yrs old of my age (ie; till when I was just 4yrs old). Ha-ha this is the age of doing all mischief’s, troubling my parents for each and every small silly things oh gosh!!! How did they bare my irritating activities? I really wonder about them and loves them alot :)

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